Why Do My Canned and Bottled Soda Taste So Different?

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Do you ever buy a can of Coke, for example, and wonder why the canned stuff tastes so different to the stuff in the big, plastic bottles?

You aren’t alone. Most of us struggle with this from time to time, and it can be quite annoying when you cannot work out why the taste is so different. In a bid to help you out with that issue, we recommend that you take a look at why this unique difference in taste even exists. Most of the time, you would probably never guess why it exists!

The recipe is, according to the manufacturers and the ingredient lists on the back, identical. So, what is there such a clear and obvious difference in the taste? It’s hard to deny.

One of the main reasons why is that a can of soda often tastes milder and less ‘juicy’ – which some people prefer – due to the polymers in aluminum soaking it up. However, by the same token, if that makes you think that sounds dodgy, it’s believed that the acetaldehyde in the plastic can adjust the flavor of your juice, too.

How should I drink my soda, then?

Glass bottles, then, are where to go if you want something that is as close to the ‘real’ taste as is possible. However, one thing to note is that if you think canned soda tastes quite metallic, you are likely to be more sensitive to metals than the average person.

Therefore, it’s not so much that the soda tastes of metal, but that you’ve noted a heightened sensitivity to the taste of metal as soon as your lips touch the can.

So, keep this in mind the next time you buy a soda. The best way to get something close to the real thing is to buy it from a glass bottle. Then, find the best way to store it. Putting it in the fridge makes it extremely cold, but the coolness can actually limit how much the taste manages to come out from the drink: something near freezing cold will just taste fizzy and cold!

Always be sure to take the time to look at what kind of soda you prefer. We all have our own choice when it comes to the kind of bottle/can we like to drink from. Find yours, and enjoy it!