Why Giving up Sugar is so Beneficial to You

Look, we all love a bit of sugar. It gives us that extra zip, and it allows us to enjoy some very enjoyable tastes indeed. However, even the most oblivious person will be honest and say that sugar, really, is not good for them. Whether you enjoy cookies and brownies, chewy treats, chocolate bars, or anything else with sugar, it is doing you damage. Why, then, is giving sugar up so beneficial?

Photo: Myriam Zilles/Unsplash

You will sleep better at night

An almost guaranteed way to mess up your sleep is to eat sugar before you go to bed. If you want to get better sleep at night, your body has to be relaxed. If you take in sugar before you go to bed then you are going to see your body basically fighting off that energy surge while you try and sleep. If you wake up from sleep and feel more tired than you did beforehand, it is probably because your body has been busy dealing with all of that sugar!

Your heart will thank you

Our hearts are under enough pressure as it is, and eating lots of sugar will no doubt make your heart feel the strain. A diet with lots of sugar and simple carbs related to sugar will more often than not have insulin spikes to deal with. This can have a toll on the body, but especially the heart. This can also lead to problems down the line such as diabetes, so try and keep this in mind.

Photo: Joanna Kosinska/Unsplash

Your moods will be more regulated

Another benefit of not eating sugar regularly is that you will have a more controlled mood. You might find that you go from happy to sad to anything in between during the day. Well, sugar can play a pretty significant role in that. If you are someone who eats a lot of sugar, your body is going through havoc and your bloodstream is very busy. Large sugar intake makes us happy at the moment, and sad in the aftermath. Keep that in mind!

Eating no sugar boosts your energy

Many of us eat sugar because we want an energy kick, but abstaining from sugar makes you feel more, not less, energetic. This sounds contradictory but it is true. If you happen to stop eating sugar you will have a more consistent energy level. Sure, you might not feel like you are running around at 100mph anymore, but you also do not have that lethargic lulls that can leave you feeling awful.