Why The Dead Sea is More Than Just Salty

The Dead Sea is a geographical phenomenon. Not only is it pretty unique in how it looks: but it is also unique in how it operates. Indeed, it is the lowest place that we have found on this planet. It is also home to one of the only bodies of water in the world where you will float regardless of your weight. Even if you have never swum in your life, you could hop into the Dead Sea and swim.

It is also home to copious amounts of salt – but is there more to the Dead Sea than meets the eye?

Photo: sander traa/Unsplash

Dead Sea salt is not as prominent as it is elsewhere

Despite being known as the saltiest place on the planet, that is not the case at all. While the water is incredibly saline, it is not the highest salt content water in the world. No, that ‘honor’ belongs to the Don Juan Pond that is in Antarctica. 

Photo: Drew Gilliam/Unsplash

Dead Sea mud baths are not a fad

You might buy a Dead Sea mud face mask from a store and it might predictably do nothing beneficial for your skin. Come to take in an actual Dead Sea mud bath, though, and the results can be incredible. The salt content within these mud baths is great for your skin. This means that you could come here and enjoy a spa treatment that changes how you feel physically.

Soak up the water, put some mud onto your skin, and let the sun do its best work.

The Dead Sea is teeming with life

You might assume that a place called the Dead Sea is, well, barren of all life. This is not the case at all, though. Come here and you will find that everything from ibex and hyrax moves around the place freely. This is a location where there is a thriving ecosystem despite the fact it is based right in the middle of the desert.

There is no fish or sea life, but you will find plenty of life roaming around the shores.