Woman Finds Long-Lost Sister after Recognizing her Laugh

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A woman who lost touch with her sister was reunited with her after hearing her laugh in a crowd.


As Diane (not her real name) was crossing the street in New York City she heard a familiar sound and one she had not heard for some time.

Having spent their childhood in a family that was beset by relationship problems, the two girls lost touch in their late teens. 

Despite being born with only 14 months between them the pair lost touch when Diane moved away at 19 to join her father on his Virginian horse farm and Alice married and moved out to Chicago. The girls were leading separate lives and their connection was severed.

By the time Diane was 24 she was engaged and had accompanied her fiancé on a trip to visit New York City. The visit was a whirlwind for a girl who was used to the peace and quiet of Virginia and the couple spent their time making the most of all the usual sights and sounds of the city.

Hidden Ways of Destiny

It was on one of their sightseeing expeditions that Diane suddenly heard a familiar voice. 


Having laughed out loud at a comment from her fiance she heard someone say her name. Without turning to look she already knew who it was – as tears came to her eyes she turned around and was face-to-face with her sister Alice.

The two women had found each other once more. 

Once the excitement died down Diane asked Alice how she knew it was her and she said it was her laugh. The chance meeting was all the more amazing because Alice had only come to New York to see an opera that was playing in the city that week. 

Both women had decided to visit New York on a whim only a week before they arrived.

After that time the two girls kept in touch, both moving to Wisconsin where they could see each other often and talk daily. 

Diane believes that as they are now in their 50s the chance meeting was a sign not to lose touch again and that God had a large part to play in bringing the siblings back together.