You Can Actually Improve Your Health by Letting Your Dog Sleep With You!

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As humans, we have many ways of improving our health and one of those ways involves your pet!  Recent studies from the Mayo Clinic have shown people who sleep with their dogs will let them sleep more soundly and improve their overall good health. Let's look at the reasoning behind this study:


The Mayo Clinic:

Their study was a joint effort by researchers in two different branches of the clinic in Arizona. The experiment involved 40 people and their dogs. Every night, the participants slept in their usual way but with their dog either in the bed or in the bedroom.

The people and the dogs wore sensors to track how well they slept and whether they moved while sleeping. They were tracked and recorded each night for 5 months.

All the participants were adults who had absolutely no health issues relating to sleep and most of them were women.  The dogs were all adult dogs as puppies are too unpredictable in their sleeping habits which could disrupt the study.

The Difference Between Sleeping On The Bed Or On the Floor:

Many past studies have shown that distractions or sounds outside the bedroom, including that of dogs, can interfere with sleep.  This study showed that dogs in the bedroom did not disturb their owners' ability to sleep.  The study also found that dogs who slept in the bedroom allowed their owners a better sleep than dogs that actually slept on the bed, causing less sleep.


People who love their dogs want them nearby which is a leading source of comfort. Studies have also shown that if a dog is calm and sleeps restfully, the dog's breathing sounds are actually very soothing to help the owner sleep even better.

Overall, the study showed that people who sleep with one dog in their bedroom at night will allow them to sleep better than people who do not have a pet in the bedroom.

The study did show promise but there are other factors that could have changed the outcome. This study was very casual because there were only 40 participants and their dogs. It did not take into consideration other factors for getting a good night's sleep or not.

All the participants had only one pet and all the pets were dogs. Having more than one dog in the bedroom could cause disturbances if the dogs wake up in the night.

It's also believed the outcome of the study could have differed if they had more participants.  Also, the study could have been a washout if an owner had a very active dog and they were a light sleeper.  If you feel having your dog sleep in your bedroom would be a disturbance, then by all means, have them sleep in another room.

All said and done, pets are an important part of our family and having a study that shows you might actually experience a much better night's sleep if your four-legged friend is sleeping close by.

There are other studies in the works to see if sleeping with your cat has the same effects as sleeping with your dog.  Pretty much, if you ask animal lovers how they feel about their pets you will find having them curl up on your bed or sleeping next to the best is welcoming to both the owner and their pet.  We will let you know if other researches are performed and what the findings will be.