Young Up and Coming Stars in the Surfing World to Spot on the Waves

As a sport with a growing audience and participation, surfing is a truly exceptional sport. Whether you have been involved in it yourself or you simply watch, surfing is mesmeric. However, professional surfing is becoming a sport that many people have turned into a genuine livelihood. They are celebrities and stars in their own right. From The Duke to Kelly Slater, we have some big names to read about. Who, though, marks the next generation of exciting young stars in the competitive world of surfing?

Barron Mamiya

Oahu-born star Barron Mamiya is definitely a name to add to your list of surfing stars to look out for in the future. He is an engaging, enjoyable, and intelligent professional. Mamiya also managed to win the Pro Junior Vans Open of Surfing in 2018 and has followed that up with success elsewhere. Ambitious and outgoing, Mamiya looks to be a star of the future.

Jake Marshall

Another hugely interesting surfer who is making a name for themselves is Jake Marshall. Marshall might only be 16, but he has shown to have the technique and the knack for surfing already. He is known for his excellent power for one so young, and his ability to pull off challenging techniques that require immense patience and craft.

A softly spoken and charming individual, Marshall looks like he will have a long and illustrious career in the world of professional surfing. 

Caroline Marks

As the youngest-ever surfer to qualify for the Championship Tour, proud Floridian Caroline Marks has picked up a whopping 17 national titles in her career so far. She is also the youngest to ever win the NSSA Open Girls National championship. For many females looking to break into the sport and stay there, Marks has become an icon: a trailblazer who showed that surfing is not a sport for one gender whatsoever.

Surfing is a growing sport with fans coming from all over the world. The above trio, though, marks out three of the most exciting young surfers out there in the world today.