Your Dog's Behavior Explained

Do you know why your dog wants to show you his toy or why his tongue is hanging? Look at the following typical dog habits to learn more about your pet and how to be a better friend to them.

Stepping Forward on Their Hind Legs

When your dog stands on his hind legs, it could mean a variety of things. One of these is a romantic gesture. They, like people, occasionally just want to embrace you. However, if they stand up on their hind legs while engaging with other dogs, it might indicate that they’re having a good time. If they aren’t snarling or acting violently, this is merely their way of playing.

Chewing On the Furniture

When your puppy’s teeth are developing, just like kids, they will want to chew on toys and other items to soothe the pain. However, if your pet is constantly biting the furniture and is no longer a puppy, it might indicate that they aren’t getting enough exercise and need an outlet for their energy. When your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, you can generally tell, and this is one of the obvious signs.


A dog's barking can have several reasons. It depends on the occasion, the dog’s barking style, and the surroundings. A dog’s frequent and loud barking might imply a sense of urgency. They may be attempting to alert you of danger that is near. If a dog is barking softly, it may want you to play with them. If a dog barks excessively, it might indicate that they are in discomfort.