Celebrities Inspire Us To Be Ourselves

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There should really be a museum for makeup. Such has this wondrous marvel influenced and empowered women over the centuries, every girl knows that without makeup society would suffer from a shakeup. We mistakingly think that makeup can make or break you, while the truth is that makeup is simply a mask to hide behind.

These inspiring stars show women (and men) everywhere their true face, thereby making the average gal (and guy) feel that real power comes from within, and not from on the face. They're not ashamed to inspire everyone!

Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as her stage name Lady Gaga, is known for her unconventionality, provocative work and visual experimentation. This is the lady who once wore a dress made from raw meat to the MTV Awards.

While Gaga has her own original sense of style, Mama Monster has a loyal fanbase of Little Monsters who follow her every move. So when she posted a natural photo of her face sans makeup, many couldn't believe it was her. But everyone soon went goo-goo for GaGa.

Let's take a peek at the faces beneath the mascara: