4 Fascinating Facts About Animals We Bet You Haven't Heard Before

Nature never ceases to amaze us, and animals are an endless source of fascination and wonderment. Here are 6 fascinating facts about animals that we couldn't keep to ourselves!

Photo: charlesdeluvio/Unsplash

Ants can't drop dead

Ants have proportionately a particularly low body weight relative to their size. This causes air resistance while falling to slow the ant down to a maximum of five kilometers per hour. An ant's body is also incredibly strongly built, so it can take a beating. Even if an ant falls from the tallest tree in the forest, it will not go fast enough to fall to its death.

A snail can sleep for three years without eating

A snail hibernates every year, during which it does not eat anything. The low temperatures cause slow processes so the snail also needs almost nothing. The snail awakens again when it is warm enough. Sometimes, however, that is not until three years later because the summers have been cold. But that's not a problem for a snail!

Photo: Joshua J. Cotten/Unsplash

Butterflies taste with their feet

A butterfly has taste receptors under its feet, which allow it to directly taste the surface it lands on. If it tastes something tasty, it can roll out its long tongue to the surface to snack on it.

Sea otters hold hands

Sea otters need to sleep, too. Since they spend a lot of time in the sea, they do so in the water, where they are often safer than on land. Sea otters are also group animals, so to prevent them from drifting apart in their sleep, they hold hands. Cute, right?