4 Musical Legends who Impacted the Fashion World

When we think of celebrities, we often pigeonhole them into one particular thing. As we know, though, the most creative minds can transcend such categories. The best musicians in this world do tend to find their creative skills easily lend themselves to other industries and environments, though. Take fashion, for example – who are some of the best musicians in the world who also had a positive impact on the sartorial world?

Photo: @kurt.cobain__.__/Instagram

Kurt Cobain

Despite being one of the best vocalists and writers of his era, Cobain also had a big impact on the world of fashion. You only need to look at how he started to dress – flannel shirts, ripped jeans, boots – to see just how much he influenced an entire generation of people. A very interesting guy and his sense of style definitely stuck around long after his untimely passing at the very apex of his fame and success.

Michael Jackson

Jackson had a cultural impact that goes far beyond the music; he impacted dance, fashion, culture, and even how we look at ourselves as people. Jackson's impact on fashion came from his bombastic nature and his ability to make the unfashionable look cool. Whether it was jacketed with studs or spandex attire, few musicians of any era had command of how they looked in quite the same way that the late great Jackson could.

Photo: @elvis/Instagram

Elvis Pressley

As one of the original Kings of the music scene, Pressley played a role in turning music into something more bombastic and character-driven. From his crazy jumpsuits to his capes and his shirts, Pressley changed how people would look at musicians forever. Anyone who has come after he has been able to benefit from the immense cultural changes that Pressley brought to the table.

Lady Gaga

Few musicians of the modern era are quite as culturally notable as Lady Gaga. She has absolutely no fear, whether it’s changing her musical style entirely or going down the route of a raunchy TV appearance. She can sometimes like very much like someone who has dressed up purely for attention, but her magnetic personality and bulletproof self-confidence ensures that she gets to turn heads no matter where she is going. One of the most fashion-influencing celebrities of the modern era.