4 Of The best National Forests to Visit in America

If you are someone who appreciates nature, then America definitely has you covered. The USA is home to some of the most diverse geography in the world. This makes it highly enjoyable to traverse and to spend time visiting. However, part of the fun with America is coming to visit its numerous National Forests. Where, though, should you come and visit as we move from the warmer months into the fall?

Photo: Deric/Unsplash

Thomas Jefferson National Forest

First on our list is the excellent Thomas Jefferson National Forest. This is a whopping 1.6 million acres long, and it is a rich blend of red and orange. You can visit this NF by coming to Virginia, and it is a truly awesome place to come and visit. Some trails are around 2,200 miles in length so you would need to be pretty committed over months to cover this entire location.

Shoshone National Forest

If you come to this part of Wyoming you will be visiting one of the most impressive NFs in the country. It is a rich and detailed location, with over two million acres of land to visit, and you can enjoy trails that easily exceed 1,000 miles in length. Be sure to enjoy the walks along these gorgeous alpine lakes and the stunning mountain ranges that make up this most wonderful part of nature. Definitely, something for everyone waiting for you here if you choose to come and visit. 

Photo: Andrew Keymaster/Unsplash

Shawnee National Forest

If you find yourself in Illinois, then make your way here. This is a spectacular place to visit; richly detailed with gorgeous orange-laden footpaths. The whole place feels welcoming and friendly to visitors, and there is not much here that will remind you of civilization. For a truly mesmeric walk through nature that feels extremely cathartic, be sure to come here and see what you are dealing with. Truly spectacular viewing.

White Mountain National Forest

Last but by no means least is the simply tremendous White Mountain National Forest. This takes up a whopping 70,000 acres of land, and you will get to enjoy quite a chromatic experience. Reds and oranges are prominent, as are golds. This creates the most welcoming kind of autumnal view and gives you a very enjoyable place to walk around and visit. Be sure to visit the Cog Railway while you are here, too; it is a sight for sore eyes!