Ford Ends Production of Iconic Fiesta After 47 Years

After nearly half a century, Ford will stop building the famous Fiesta next year. Several types have been developed over the past decades, but there will be no more, the automaker has announced. The company wants to make only electric cars by 2030, and there is no room in that for a new model of the Fiesta.

Photo: Ashley Deher/Unsplash

The compact car was launched in 1976. Since then, some 22 million of them have been sold. In 2017, Ford came out with its seventh and also the last model. It was produced in several countries, including Belgium, Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. At the end of June next year, the last Fiesta should roll off the assembly line.

Photo: Jessy Smith/Unsplash

Ford, like many other manufacturers, is working on a transition to electric driving. Therefore, by the end of this decade, the company plans to market only cars that run on electricity. Thus, by 2024, Americans will come out with three new electric passenger cars and four new electric commercial vehicles.

Another factor, according to a Ford spokesman, is that customers are asking less and less for a hatchback, such as the Fiesta, and more and more for other types of cars, such as an SUV.