Do Dogs Actually Like Rain?

Does your four-legged friend prefer to stay inside or does he or she enjoy walking in the rain just as much? 

Photo: Chewy/Unsplash

Now that autumn has arrived, there are more days when it rains. You may not always be keen on such a wet walk, but what does your four-legged friend really think about it? In general, most dogs are not too fond of rain either. They also often prefer a sunny day to a rainy one. Many dogs associate rain with discomfort, wetness and cold. Short-haired dogs especially suffer from this. Of course, there are always exceptions. Maybe your dog absolutely loves it when it rains. This can vary from dog to dog.

Photo: charlesdeluvio/Unsplash

Sometimes a dog can sit outside in the rain. There can be several reasons for this. For one, a dog has an excellent sense of smell. When it rains, all different smells will be released. Especially if it rains after a period of drought. For example, bacteria from plants may be released into the air that gives off a certain smell. Another reason is that your dog just really enjoys being outside in nature. Rain is also part of this. He or she likes to roll through the puddles for a while but may want to go right back inside after this where it is nice and warm.