4 Popular Halloween Superstitions

Thanks to the rise of the internet we can learn more than ever about cultures we might never visit in person. We can pick up insight and ideas about how the wider world works. We learn the stories and tales that make popular cultural events – like Halloween – so unique and different in other parts of the world. If you want to enjoy some popular superstitions that come about around Halloween, then read on!

Halloween babies are superpowered

A hilarious superstition is that if you give birth on Halloween then your child is going to be something special. This might require some of the most precise planning ever seen, but if you want to give your kid the ‘chance’ of supernatural powers this is probably the best way to do so. Giving birth on Halloween, it is claimed, will give your child the ability to ‘see spirits’ and converse with the damned (apparently).

Fiery sticks are for protection

Good luck is a rare thing on Halloween, but apparently, if you set fire to sticks and wave it around then you will be able to protect and ward yourself from evil. This hails from Scottish Halloween culture and has become a popular choice for other cultures. This would de-spook your home and make sure you can feel safer when you are at home, especially when the Halloween period is in full swing.