4 Ways to Make your Healthy Habits Stick

In life, it is so easy to make temporary changes. It is much harder, though, to make consistent changes that stick around. If you are someone who finds it tough to commit to meaningful life change, then you are by far from alone in that regard. To help you try and make those changes become a touch more permanent, here are some proven tips to make changes stick around.

Photo: Christopher Campbell/Unsplash

Focus on the smaller changes

The main problem with trying to make a big life change is that it can feel like you are trying to do too much. It is much easier to make changes stick around when you make small changes. For example, you want to lose weight but you love sugary treats. Start by cutting out one type of sugary treat, like candy, and then eventually move towards things like chocolate. Small steps make running into large goals much easier.

Focus on the mental block

You also need to work out what is causing you to always revert to your old behaviors. Is it a stress thing? A comfort thing? A lack of desire? Work it out. Sometimes, we try and force changes in ourselves that, in our hearts of hearts, we know we do not want. Focus on the changes that you know you internally desire; it becomes much easier to make permanent changes when you feel committed.

Photo; Boxed Water Is Better/Unsplash

Tell someone about your changes

It is so much easier to make progress as a person when you have someone holding you accountable. We highly recommend that you look to tell someone about what you are trying to change. They can then check in with you regularly and make sure you are living up to your end of the bargain. Simply knowing someone else is aware of your desire for change can lead to a greater level of results.

Have fun while making a change

When we are trying to make a conscious adjustment, it is easy to focus on what we no longer have. Instead, try and flip it around; focus on what you are seeing in terms of improvement. If you can find a way to make these new habits/life changes a more enjoyable experience, it feels less like a second job. Just about any life change, you wish to commit to can be made more fun if you want to; you just need to find out the path to making that possible.