4 Ways to Use Plastic Bottles in Your Landscaping

If you are someone who loves their garden, one of the most common issues you can run into revolves around reusage. Many times, we have goods around our home that could be perfect accompaniments to our garden – if we only understood how to get started. Plastic bottles, for example, are more than just something to throw into the recycling bin. You could be using them in your garden to your benefit. How?

The ideal plant pot

One of the best uses of a plastic bottle is to turn it into a plant bot. Take an old bottle, clean it out, and then fill it up with soil. Plant the seedlings in the soil and watch as your plants burst into life. You could even add some nice floral touches to the bottle to help disguise the plastic a little bit more.

This looks great, and it can be great for adding some plants to your home both inside and outside.

Mini greenhouse designs

You can also turn plastic bottles and containers into small greenhouses. This is great for making sure that you can keep seedlings and cuttings from dying out due to harsh weather conditions. These plastic bottles can work as little protection for your plants, ensuring they can grow in conditions that would otherwise normally have killed them. For that reason, making DIY greenhouses for each plant using bottles comes highly recommended.

Bird repellents

Another benefit of using plastic bottles in the garden is they can be used to keep pests and birds at bay. Simply slide the plastic bottle over the top of any plants and/or cuttings. This will keep them protected from the elements, and it will also stop hungry predators who want to eat your plants and flowers from being able to get their greedy paws and beaks on your produce!

Fruit collection

If you have fruit trees in your landscape then you can use a plastic bottle to easily pick up and collect the fruit as you go. Just cut out a circular shape in the bottle and then add the bottle to a tall pole. You can then use this to get to and scoop up fruits that have grown on your trees. No more climbing trees and having to deal with worrisome conditions just to get some apples down from your tree!