Fight Between a Frog And a Leopard Leads to a Surprising Result 

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Can a frog beat a Leopard in a fight? 
Hey, stop laughing at the back! This is a serious question. If you were to put a bet on who would win in a scrap between a leopard and a frog, it seems obvious who to choose, right?

While humans have long fascinated themselves thinking about who would win out of X and Y, this is a new one. And while people have been shocked to see things like the ferocity of the humble honey badger, most would just assume that a leopard comes out on top in just about any fight going. But it depends on who it is fighting. And with an African bullfrog coming up against a leopard, the odds are soon whipped in its favor.

He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best a Bullfrog | shutterstock

 Indeed, a post by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service shows us this isn’t the clear cut battle that most had assumed. As you watch the fight, you notice the leopard is clearly not exactly comfortable with what is going on. Some speculate that the leopard is all too aware of the power of its foe, and for that reason, it’s not willing to take the chance.

The video, though, gives us an immediate surprise. As soon as you what appears to be an African bullfrog rising up to start fighting back, the whole dynamic of the event changes. The leopard is seen trying to paw away at the frog, which then charges towards the cat. The leopard decides to retreat and call it at that – a fine example of just how feared a frog can be.

We don’t know if the leopard was put off by the charge or the fact it knows that this is a powerful frog in its own right. All we know is that once the frog began that open-mouthed charge, the leopard was off like a shot!

So, as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Most assume that a leopard would dominate a bullfrog, but this video shows that the obvious isn’t always the reality. 

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