Fascinating Facts About the Moulin Rouge

The iconic Moulin Rouge Theater in Paris is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the city. It's been entertaining people for more than 120 years It has inspired no less than 4 films, a musical, and numerous works of art. Here are some interesting facts about this iconic theater!

Fashionable slum

The Moulin Rouge first opened its doors on October 6th, 1889, the same year when the Eiffel Tower was unveiled. Paris must have been a pretty hectic place. At first, the place wasn’t opened as a theater. Instead, it allowed rich people to come over and pretend to slum it, without having to deal with actual poor people. So in a way, you could say the French invented bougie culture.

The Red Mill

The Moulin Rouge was founded by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. The collaboration became an instant success. The front of the building was quite a novelty at the time, with its Gothic-style castle and the red windmill. The mill was a tribute to Montmartre, which use to be full of them. In fact, “Moulin Rouge” is French for “Red Mill”.

The Mademoiselles

The Moulin Rouge wouldn’t be what it is without its female entertainers, or Mademoiselles, as the French call them. Regular Mademoiselles would become very famous thanks to their dancing. While they were seductive, they never sold their bodies. In fact, the high can-can kicks are there to make sure no one gets to lay an unwanted hand on one of them.