Increase Your Dopamine Levels With These 4 Simple Steps

Dopamine is a chemical messenger in our brain. It is in charge of functions such as motivation, moods, sleep, memory, and behavioral regulation. Having the right amount of dopamine is key to resilience and happiness. So what can you do to increase your dopamine level and make sure you get through life’s lows?

Sleep More

We've all heard that we should get at least eight hours of sleep a night. But why is it so important? According to experts, if you don’t get at least seven hours of sleep, your dopamine receptors don’t function as well as they should, which means you are more likely to feel cranky and sad.

Listen to Music

Music has the ability to change our mood in an instant. If you feel low or unmotivated just put some music on. Create a playlist of some of your favorite happy songs. A 2011 study shows that when you listen to pleasant music, your dopamine levels are increased.

Eat Healthily

Most of us try to watch what we eat to make sure our body looks good. But did you know that your diet also influences your happiness levels? Any food that is rich in tyrosine will increase your dopamine levels. Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps our body produce dopamine. To get it in your system, you should make sure to eat plenty of eggs, almonds, and fish.


Exercise is also known to increase dopamine levels. Scientists don’t know why it is exactly, but we all know how great it feels to be after a workout. The reason why you feel relaxed and elated after you move your body is that your dopamine level increases.