Pic Of A Dog Playing In The Snow Went Very, Hilariously Wrong

Dewey is a very playful dog who loves the outdoors, never mind the weather.

So one winter's day, Dewey’s family took him over to a huge snowy field where he could run around. He got so excited that he immediately started zooming all around. As Dewey played, Dewey's mom Sadie thought it would be fun to try and capture some shots of the picturesque scene. 

“If you've ever taken a panorama, you know that if a moving object goes through it, the object will look morphed and disfigured — sometimes it just looks weird, but sometimes it looks comical,” Sadie said. “This is what happened when Dewey ran through the photo.”

Dewey was so excited to run around in the snow that he couldn’t help but run right through the shot and ended up helping to create something pretty amazing.

“When I saw it, I had to do a double-take,” Sadie said. “It literally looks like a Photoshopped two-legged, yellow snow animal — it was the most perfect panorama gone wrong.” 

Sadie knew she couldn’t keep the photo to herself because it was just too good. She posted it online to see if everyone else found it just as hilarious -which, of course, they did.

“I had a suspicion it would get a lot of attention, but it got more than I anticipated,” Sadie said. "It's apparent that this wholesome, strange photograph of a dog has brought a lot of people some big laughter — and that makes me happy.”