Just How Many Calories Do You Burn Watching a Horror Movie?

Do you love horror and are fine with skipping a workout sometimes? Then you're in luck! This is how many calories you burn while watching horror movies.

Do you enjoy watching the occasional horror movie? We can tell you that watching horror movies has a number of health benefits. For example, your stress level will decrease and your mood will improve. Of course, while watching such a scary movie, you really will experience fear and/or panic. Once the movie is over, these feelings subside and you will actually feel somewhat happier again. After this, the excitement and uncertainty of the movie will cause you to experience more positive emotions.

Watching a horror movie also causes your brain to be stimulated. After watching such a movie, you are likely to be more alert and able to concentrate better. If you watch a horror movie together with your loved one or with friends, it will also further strengthen your bond. Finally, watching a horror movie makes you burn calories. A study shows that people burn about 133 calories while watching such a scary horror movie. The movie The Shining even causes you to burn 184 calories. This means you can feel free to bring some extra snacks when you go to see a horror movie in the theater.