New Vending Machine Offers to Open Your Beer For You

While for some of us the idea of opening a nice bottle or can of beer feels great, for others it is a time-consuming effort. Sure, sometimes the bottle lid just comes off without any issue. Most of the time, though, you find yourself grabbing and wrestling with the thing. If you are someone who finds this very annoying (like I do), then you might want to think about buying a BeerBox.

The Beerbox is a vending machine that allows for your beer to be opened for you. This means no looking around for a suitable lighter, or, worse, using your teeth. You can now just have your beer bought, opened, and ready to be enjoyed. This new machine could be a great way to make sure that you stop having to wait to open up that beer – it just turns up opened already.

By pressing the button on the little vending machine, the beer simply drops down ready to be enjoyed. You can even install one of these at home, store your beers in it, and have them opened for you on demand. It is very useful, and the fact that it means you can easily get your drinks open and enjoy them without having to scout around to find a way around.

The founder of BeerBox, Robert Gaafar, came up with the ‘how did nobody else think of this?’ concept a few years ago and it has now become a common product bought by guys and ladies all around the world. If you are someone who likes beer but hates having to open your beer, then this is a fine little device to own.

By using an automated opening function, this orients the can and then makes sure that it drops down ready to be drunk at your own pace. It is quite an interesting investment and one that could be a household product and a common appliance found in bars and pubs all around the globe. If this picks up, then we can finally put to bed the need for that one strange person in your social group who always opens beers with their teeth!