See Nature at its Most Glorious in This Mindanao River

The Philippines is a location where nature seems to thrive. There is a natural beauty about the whole country, making it very easy for you to get through some awesome sightseeing. However, part of the best sights that you will see in this special country is found underwater. For example, there is a river in the Philippines which, to the eyes of many, is host to some kind of magical enchantment.

Hyperbolic? Maybe. But this river within Mindanao is drawing admirers from all over the world. It is a truly beautiful piece of water that looks simply stunning to look at. You can even dive in and swim around, seeing the beauty of the world just below.

The Hinatuan Enchanted River, to use its ‘proper’ name, is a highly enjoyable place to come and visit. It is truly stunning, and this deep spring river connects the island of Mindanao to the rest of the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean itself. It is around 80ft in depth, too, so there is plenty of space for you to dive in and look around.

Part of what makes it so unique, though, is the fact the water is so uniquely clear. In most other parts of the world, even around the Philippines, this water would be cloudy. Thanks to the presence of its underwater cave network, though, the water that comes out into the river is entirely free from the dirt and/or silt that tends to murk up water and make it look cloudy.

Exploration has been thorough in the past, with many explorers looking to go beyond the 82ft depth that has been explored. What else could be in this magical, enchanted-looking location?

Given the gorgeous nature of this part of the world, it is no surprise to find some untouched pieces of natural beauty. With the inability of local fishermen to catch anything here paired with the natural beauty of the water itself, the myth that this is magically enchanted might have more merit in it than most local myths!