The Perks of Being An Airline Employee

If you choose to work in the airline industry, you are getting involved in a highly enjoyable experience. Flying aircraft is fun, but so too is working on and around them. Stewards, handlers, air hostesses? All of them have fun on the job when the company is run right. One of the main reasons why people work in the air industry, though, is the benefits some major airlines provide staff with.

Photo: Eduardo Velazco Guart/Unsplash

Most of us think about things like free flights, which naturally can sound very satisfying financially. But there are other interesting bonuses that you can get from working within the air industry. A recent video blew up on the social media platform TikTok, posted by airline employee Megan Homme. Working for United Airlines, Homme let the world in on a few secret perks about her job that the public might not know about.

Most assume that the free flights are for the ‘higher up’ staff in the company, but this is not the case. You can get those free flights regardless of whether you work with the company as a pilot or whether you are one of the ‘lower’ jobs – not that every job in an airport is not hugely important!

Photo: Kenny Eliason/Unsplash

United Airlines benefits apply to more than just the elite

Homme said that even the likes of UX designers, lawyers, IT staff, engineers, consultants, and more get these kinds of perks from being involved. They also offer great jobs that can come with a five-figure signing-on bonus. Homme also noted that many airline jobs have provisions for working remotely, which can stop those who do not want to commute to an office from applying in the first place.

Home works at home herself, and said that her company also happens to hire lots of people without prior industry expertise. This is quite interesting, with the various jobs that United Airlines, in particular, has to offer providing some really interesting long-term benefits for staff who stick around.

This also includes things like unlimited standby trials, discounted airfare to any destination in the world, and some other tremendous little bonuses. For those who have thought working for an airline are all work and no play apart from those higher up the food chain, think again! 

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