Things You Should Buy Before an Emergency Hits

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Many of us live in areas that are prone to serious storms so if you are given enough warning about a storm coming your way, you should visit your local supermarket and pick up more food including fresh produce and other items that might have a decent shelf-life without refrigeration.


Most of these choices will last for at least a week and will give you a fresher alternative to all your processed foods. If open, stop by your farmers’ market as the foods are fresher than what you get at your supermarket. 

Also, fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers’ market will last longer. If you have lost power, have a grill available to cook foods such as squash and potatoes.

Citrus Fruits Like Oranges & Grapefruits

These fruits are high in acid and along with their robust skins, they can last up to 2 weeks without having to refrigerate them.


You should consider buying them when they are not completely ripe. Also, oranges and grapefruits are high in vitamin C and will help you stay hydrated.


Apples that are stored in a cool, dry place, away from perishable fruits, will last up to 3 months. 


Perishable fruits, like bananas, placed around apples could possibly ripen sooner than wanted.

Potatoes Along with Sweet Potatoes & Yams

Root vegetables are a great choice and make for healthy side dishes if you have a working stove or a grill.


They should be stored in a cool, dark place and will last easily for a month.


You should get tomatoes before they are ripened.


They will remain in great condition for at least several days at room temperatures.


You should buy avocados when they are unripe. 


They will last a good amount of time outside your refrigerator, at the very least a week.

Packaged Sausages Like Pepperoni

You should stock up on some packages of dry-cured salami like Sopressata from southern Italy which is available at most stores.


Unopened, these sausages will easily last for 6 weeks in your pantry.

Winter Squash

Squash is not a great choice if you do not have the ability to cook them but if you can, winter squash, like acorn squash, will last for at least a few months.


Even if your power is down, if you have a grill, you can cook them from there.

Cucumbers & Summer Squash

Cucumbers and summer squash will last a few days without refrigeration. 


Moreover, they can even be consumed raw. 

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