This is How You Play Games on Netflix For Free

You know how to find your favorite movies and series in the Netflix apps. But did you know you also get games with your subscription? Netflix is doing quite well in the field of games and wants to go further and further. The streaming company bought three development studios that will create games for the platform and deals were made to offer games to their subscribers.


However, subscribers appear to be making little use of them. There are now 26 games available, which have been downloaded only 23.3 million times in total. There are 1.7 million daily Netflix gamers. Out of the total number of subscribers of 220.7 million, that is less than 1 percent. Netflix aims to double the number of games by the end of the year.

It's a shame that few people know how to find these games, because there are some pretty good ones available. Standouts include the tactical game Into the Breach, in which you take turns moving futuristic tanks to defeat horrific creatures. The strange platformer Poinpy and the emotional Before Your Eyes, which you play by blinking your eyes, are also worth trying. And you don't need a computer or game console to play the Netflix games, because they are only available on mobile devices.

Photo: Teslariu Mihai/Unsplash

One of the problems is that the games on Netflix are not so easy to find. You don't see the games when you watch Netflix through a TV or game console, but only when you use the app on your smartphone.

Open the Netflix app on your phone, there you'll find a row of mobile games in addition to all the series and movies. In the Android app, you'll also see a separate tab for all of Netflix's games at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a game that seems interesting to you to read the description. You will also see the "Download Game" button. If you tap it, the Play Store or App Store will open and you will be taken directly to the game. You can now download it at no additional cost. The games also contain no in-game purchases, so you don't have to unlock extras with money.

If you never actually use the Netflix app on your phone, you can also find the games separately in your smartphone's app store. If you don't know exactly what game you are looking for, you can find many of the available games by simply searching for "Netflix games".

You can recognize the games by the logo with the red N in the image. When you open the game, you just need to log in to your Netflix profile. Then you select which user is playing. Your progress in the games will be linked to the individual Netflix profile.