Two Seagulls Go To War – Over a Sex Toy

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Seagulls can present a challenge for humans who they think are in their way and are notorious when it comes to stealing food. Recently a photographer captured some images that show that humans are the least of their concerns when there is something interesting at stake.

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Photographer Jennifer Leigh was in California looking to get some pictures of the newborn seals that were living around the children’s pool in La Jolla. 

However, she soon discovered something more bizarre and ended up with x-rated images of two seagulls who had found a dildo and had started to fight for ownership. 

The Images Soon Went Viral

The two birds were grabbing and hurling the sex toy around until finally one of the birds won the prize and flew off with the fake phallus.

Facebook/@Experience Wildlife

Although the images and the story behind them are amusing it also highlights the increasingly serious problem with plastics polluting the natural environment. 

The amount of plastic waste generated by human activity remains high and a lot makes it down to our oceans.

Not only does the photographer hope that her images bring some fun to the internet but that this will also help to raise the issue in an amusing way, encouraging people to think more carefully about how they dispose of their plastic waste. 

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