Want to Enjoy a Meal With a Spooky Surprise? Then Try Out The Following Places

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Intending on going for a meal soon? Then you might want to do so in a more creepy location. Instead of just going through the same old places that you always visit, we recommend that you come and try out some of the following places for a spooky meal.

Algonquin Hotel

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Ever in New York? Then check out this terrifically haunting hotel. It’s the original meeting place of the Algonquin Round Table; some of the most famous writers in history. Who knows? You might bump into some of their spirits while you are here!

The Lemp Mansion

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Utterly haunting from the moment that you first arrive, The Lemp Mansion is definitely worth your time to come and visit. 

It’s got amazing food but be warned: this place is 100% haunted. It’s common for people to see the supernatural here, real or imagined.

The Stanley Hotel


If you’ve ever seen "The Shining", this will stand out immediately. 

Definitely a good choice if you want to enjoy a bite to eat at one of the most famous movie sets in history.

Ernestine & Hazel's

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This Memphis dive bar is the ideal place to come to if you are looking for a properly haunting experience. A great choice for those who like their tunes to come on unprompted via a clearly haunted jukebox.

While not everyone wants a maddening main or a spooky side, the above places are almost certain to give you a place to get your blood pumping. It’s the ideal location to come to if you are looking for a place to visit that can feel as amazing as it is intimidating.

So, which of the above venues do you think you would be the most likely to go and check out?

Where do you think you would be the most likely to get the biggest fright if you were to go along? We all have our options.

So, take a look and you can soon decide which option feels the most utterly terrifying to you! 

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