Why You Should Eat Avocado Seeds

Avocados have taken the world by storm. And though we can’t seem to get enough of the fruit, most people are missing out on a vital part of it. The seeds are generally thrown away after the avocado is opened, but there are some reasons you should consider eating it instead of tossing it.

Photo: Irene Kredenets/Unsplash

It Protects Against Diseases

The seed contains various acids, such as palmitic acid and oleic acid. While consuming acids may not seem like a good idea, not all acids are harmful to you in moderation. These acids are known as lipids, and they can help protect your cells, DNA, and proteins from damage. The avocado seed is more beneficial than the other parts of the fruit when it comes to fighting diabetes and premature aging.

It's Anti-Inflammatory

Lipids in avocado seeds are also known to help with inflammation. The more of these good acids you consume, the more your body is well adapted to fighting inflammation in the long run. This means better support against certain chronic illnesses, which could impact your quality of life significantly!

Photo: Bethany Randall/Unsplash

It May Stop the Spread of Cancer

Of course, it is impossible to make your body immune to the illness, but there are ways for you to lower the risk of getting it. The lipids inside avocado seeds are allegedly able to stop cancer cells from spreading. It has a distinct impact on cancer cells in the colon and liver, although it may be effective against the disease in any part of the body. These benefits are undoubted; just make sure you find a way to eat the avocado seeds safely. And remember, they may help, but they are not a complete antidote to preventing diseases.